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Experience how the Catalyst App can bring your learning experience into a higher level. Discover how to bring out the best in you & have the highest chance of passing your professional exam.


How It Works

The Catalyst App is composed of different features which are carefully developed and integrated to
further improve the learning capabilities of the students for their specific training and programs.



The App contains wide range of video lectures, each recorded for a specific topic and category. This will enable you to study lectures and repeat them as much you want, anytime, anywhere.



Answer huge amount of questions within the App's database. It could be in the form of timed Featured Quizzes, Do-it-yourself Tests and Mind Gym where you can browse the rationale to the questions.



Know your status and performance through loads of analytics, item analysis and compliance tracker. This is necessary for you to know your progress and further improve your training.

Amazing Features

Loaded with features and integrations, this app surely is capable of bringing OUT the best in you
BY compressing everything you can do in a physical training center TO fit right into your pocket.


This app is equipped with the latest technologies and development to give an ultimate user experience.

Rich Question Bank

Contains almost 20,000 Questions with answers and explanation enough to train you for your upcoming exam.

Adaptive Video Player

Video resolution will adjust to your internet speed and enable you to choose the speed and quality you want.


Offline Download

Download as many videos as you want when wifi is available then watch them anywhere even without the internet.

Performance Tracker

Know if you are right on your track by daily performance updates, compliance tracking and analytics.

Live Discussions

Communicate with your classmates and mentors through text, voice or video channels.

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Amazing Features, Unlimited Possibilities.


Frequently Asked Questions

We would love to. However, due to the pandemic, government mandate probihits us from doing so. Using the Catalyst App, everything you do in a regular review and training will be done online. This App will give you a front seat classroom experience and freedom to access everything at your own time and own pace.

Each subscription will only be valid within the review season you are into. Any extension after you take the board exam (for personal purpose/foreign training) would require an additional payment.

You cannot take exams and review our question bank offline since we need to track your progress and analyze your performance for every tests. However, you can download digital handouts and videos for offline access for your convenience. Take note that we put an expiration date on the videos since they can't stay long on your device.

Your subscription is personal and should only be accessed by you alone. It is your privilege to experience a premium review experience because you chose to avail it.

What Students Tell About Us

What our users say about us is important to us. Here are some of the feedback we collected from some of our students.




The catalyst app have multiple tabs, one of which is that you can retake the exams whenever you want and how many times you want.




Very student- centered, with awesome features and with extensive bank of practice questions to keep you motivated




The App has thought me to stand firm with your Faith, being confident on the uncertainties by relying onto the most certain being beyond this world.




Using the app each day takes out a little pressure for me (may pressure parin), since I know that it provides everything I need.



LORMA Colleges

Catalyst App was designed for learning with thousands of practice questions and notes arranged systematically for easy access.




Catalyst app makes you wanna watch more videos, answer more questions and gain more points for your avatar's growth and not be diagnosed with GDD.

Our Partner
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  • CSS Awards

Amazing Features

Everything you need for your training is here in the Catalyst App. We are excited to make you feel that learning can match your lifestyle and that it is possible to bridge the gap between technology and education.

Technical Support

Learn how to bring out the best in your app and device through walkthroughs, guides and live support.

User Friendly

This app is for everyone! Every feature is easy to use.


Always be updated with the changes in the app and become informed about new additions and reminders.


Be able to ask right away your mentors and colleagues about a specific question or video you are interacting with.


This app works well with your device and is fully adaptive to your operating system.

Cost Control

Data consumption is costly that is why our team made our best efforts to give you the best quality of training with lesser costs.


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The Catalyst App offers three types of subscriptions for you to choose from.

  • PLP Online
  • PHP18,000
  • Virtual Classes
  • Unlimited Video Lectures
  • Unlimited Exams
  • Mind Gym
  • Review Materials
  • Offline Capability
  • Personal Mentoring and Advising
  • Enroll Now
  • PLP Online+Onsite
  • PHP22,000
  • Physical+Virtual
  • Everything in PLP Online +
  • On-site Classes
  • On-site Exams
  • Secured Facilities
  • Prime Location
  • Enroll Now
  • Double Review
  • PHP33,000
  • 2 Review Seasons
  • All PLP features
  • Onsite+Onsite
  • Onsite+Online
  • Online+Online
  • Enroll Now

Get ready to experience a whole new concept of training and review. A type of learning where you can access anytime, anywhere.

Here is the list of the programs we currently offer.

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • iPrep
  • Occupational English Test
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