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Connect with friends and meet new people with Catalyst, the social network that goes out with you.™

Now available in the triangle, North Carolina.
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Meet New People: Catalyst social network

Meet New People

Catalyst makes meeting new people at your current location easy, fun and safe. Find chemistry and catalyze new friendships, relationships and hookups. Unlike covalent bonds, this pairing process is actually quite simple: you like someone, they like you back, and the ice isn't just broken, it's shattered.

Meet, Chat, Flirt: Catalyst social network
Share Photos with Friends: Catalyst App

New Day New You

Keep it real, express yourself and avoid fake or outdated profiles with our unique profile pic feature. Unlike other social networks, Catalyst prompts you to take a new selfie each day, so you can trust your new friends' profiles. Not only are we making it socially acceptable to take selfies, but we are creating a social photo-journal of your life.

Find Friends Near You: Catalyst App

Check in “Check Out”

Whether it's at the gym, in class, at a house party, or at a bar, Catalyst immediately connects you with everyone at your current location. We focus on your check-in location in determining who you check out. Like what you see? Then like who you see... anonymously, of course.

Connect With Friends: Catalyst Social Network

Connect with Friends

Stay connected with your friends on the go, wherever you are. Check out where your friends are, what they're up to, then hook up with them to join in the fun. Think of Catalyst as your social secretary, making sure your Friday night plans no longer include drowning your sorrows to Taylor Swift lyrics. Because hey, it feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters.

Meet New People: Catalyst App

Real People. Real Connections.

We’re just the Catalyst

No more randomly generated lists, formulaic recommendations, or fake profiles. Catalyst lets you decide who you're interested in meeting at your location, we help you establish a connection, and then you make miracles happen. We're the first app to put chemistry at your fingertips.

Now available in the triangle, North Carolina.
Download the App Now and be the Catalyst

Available on the App Store